Steve Thompson – Pastor

“Hello, my name is Steve Thompson. I am not perfect. My wife is Carol and we have a son named Ethan and two daughters, Autumn and Ellen. They are not perfect either.

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus changed my life when I was ten years old, and he is continuing to teach me new and exciting things, even today.

I believe that God is more than just a good idea. He wants to be a presence (the force), in our daily lives. My question for you is: are you willing to allow him to be that in your life?

What I think or what I do, is not really all that important unless I am living and loving people like Jesus does. Community is very important to me. Being united with a purpose, plan, and passion for God can only happen as we work and live together.”

Steve Thompson earned a BA in Religious Studies at the University of Minnesota (1992) and an MDiv from Bethel Theological Seminary (1997). He’s worked with youth, worked in overseas missions, and been pastor to two other Minnesota Covenant churches.

Steve will begin with Anoka Covenant Church September 2017.

Senior Pastor – Steve Thompson
Office Phone – (763) 421-5194
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